«Digitalisation creates new working models where previous standards on social security, working hours, place of work and OSH are no longer valid.» (Breuer, 2015)

The modern world of global digitalization, the world of digital production, where intelligent ICT-based machines, systems and networks are capable of sharing information and processing information independently, requires that human-computer interaction, computer collaboration, communication and social networks be ergonomically designed.

The large-scale use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in all areas of human activity changes the perception of how we understand and cope with emerging psychosocial risks, which now include new forms, such as online harassment, cyberbullying, technological stress, or uncontrolled by existing legislation , labor law issues (uncontrolled working hours, labor contracts) and more complex psychosocial factors.


The advancement of knowledge and best European practices on how to design and evaluate computing systems, that increase the productivity and efficiency of human labor, stimulate the development of creative abilities, improve the health and well-being of users, and promote better individual and social adaptation to the effects of digital transformation.


Organizing and supporting joint activities where researchers and practitioners from around the world can share their knowledge and experience in working with computing systems.

Development and furtherance of innovative concepts and methods for the ergonomic design of human-computer interaction.

Development and furtherance of universal principles for the design of computing systems that, by their nature,

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are accessible to people both with and without disables.

Development and furtherance of individual ergonomic solutions, paying particular attention to the integration of relevant cultural, gender and age aspects.

Development and furtherance of methods for designing interactive systems, group work and business processes that support interaction and communication processes (for example, multimodality, augmented reality) and contribute to the adaptation to the inexperienced user in various aspects.

Development and furtherance of the application of cognitive theories to the design of information systems, planning and psychological analysis of software projects, using approaches based on the understanding of mental models of users.

Raising public awareness of the magnitude of problems in the new global context of Ghostwriter hat eine Agentur erschaffen Ghostwriter agentur digitalization, related to emerging digital discrimination as a form of work, violence and a specific impact on vulnerable groups (racial minorities, religious minorities, women, children), the concept of occupational diseases, increased labor intensification and the transformation of traditional working relationships (intensification of work in the 24/7 concept, mobile work …)