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From 24 to 28 July 2019 in Washington, DC (USA) hosted the X International Conference on Applied Ergonomics and Human Factor 2019 AHFE (Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics), which made more than 1500 presentations selected after reviewing (227 parallel and 3 poster sessions), authors from more than 90 countries.
Ukraine was represented by 5 papers, 2 of which WEXT President Alexander Yurievich Drilling.
It should be noted that the directions of ergonomic science, the most represented in modern works related to the problems of cognitive and neuro-ergonomics, artificial intelligence, brain-computer interaction, virtual, augmented and mixed reality. On our part, it is proposed to expand the direction of ergonomic science, recognized in 2000-physical, cognitive and organizational ergonomics a new direction that needs to be developed and corresponds to the transition of mankind to a digital society, namely – “information ergonomics “.
An important trend is the participation of different countries. In total, East Asian countries are represented-about 70% (for comparison: 7 years ago-East Asia 35%, USA 20%, Europe 20%), the representation of South America and Africa has increased significantly. This may serve as indirect evidence of who is moving faster to the digital world and is ready to address the technological challenges that accompany this transition.

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